Welcome to the projects section, the one place on my website where I list all of my projects. Well, almost all of them, since my art is in the gallery, but still.
I've made at least a couple things over the years, and I hope you enjoy these as much as I've enjoyed working on them.


  • parappa.party: yes, it's about Parappa the Rapper. yes, it's arguably my biggest passion project to date. yes, it's more than just a website - it has its own Git repository, its Matrix homeserver and a Parappa archive. but its at its core still a Parappa fansite, and its one i am hella proud of, especially since it's a community project that has gotten me involved with other people along the way.
  • netfetch: an attempt at CSS neofetch that kind of sucks. i should get back to it soon(ish).
  • this very website is technically a coding project too!


you can check these and other older projects at my archive of our own account if you want to.