The Database CONSOOMer

One of the good things about a personal website is that you can use it to write down whatever you want, even if the only person who's actually interested in it is yourself. That's why I created the Database Consoomer, which shall become the articles section of this site.
The name comes from a fusion between "database consumer", a term that Hiroki Azuma coined to describe the generation of otaku from the late 90s onwards that stopped caring about plots in anime, manga and games in favor of the characters and their interaction and the online slang word "consoomer".

The stuff you'll find buried down here is mostly just content, drabbles and essays I've made mostly to entertain myself, but if you find them to be interesting then I think that's a good thing to know about.

Feel free to check these works out by either clicking on one of the topics shown on the sidebar or reading any of the articles on the newest articles list down here:

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