contact - a page that lists and explains all the possible ways to get in contact with the webmaster of this site.



This page includes all the possible ways to contact the owner of this website through the internet. This page has entries which list the possible methods of communication the website owner allows other people on the internet to contact them through


Matrix is the recommended platform for communication with this website's owner. kozume's webmaster uses the handle XMPP is a modern decentralized chat platform similar to Discord and Slack, with full support for a variety of chat features. As Matrix is the platform which this website's owner uses most frequently, this is the recommended way to contact her for any urgent messages. In addition, Matrix's direct messages are end-to-end encrypted by default, meaning that you don't need to set up anything else for encryption.


The e-mail address this site's webmaster uses for communication with others is . E-mail is recommended for longer texts that do not need to solved urgently.
It is highly recommended to encrypt your e-mails through PGP if you're going to communicate through this method. If you use encrypted e-mail, please attach your public PGP key so the webmaster can read it. If you cannot do that, use Matrix or XMPP instead.
See the encryption section for more information on PGP encryption.
However, remember that at the end of the day e-mail is an insecure protocol. Do not say anything confidential about through e-mails.


You can sometimes find this site's webmaster hanging around on IRC servers, most notable Libera and KoshkaIRC under the name puddinghead. While IRC is fun, it is not encouraged to use IRC due to the webmaster not using it enough, but still possible to!


This site's webmaster has an XMPP account at Please note that the webmaster will ignore any unencrypted messages sent through XMPP, so please use a XMPP client and server that support OMEMO! If you cannot do this, use Matrix!


You can download the site owner's PGP keys for e-mail encryption here. Please import them before you send an encrypted e-mail to this site's webmaster.

OMEMO (for XMPP) 8bce88c2 92ba7032 805dfeaa fe190734 b25defefef 55006a da8b4150 ae633a77


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