Rohan Kumar (Seirdy)

Rohan Kumar : He/Him : Age 20

Online Handle: Seirdy

Welcome to my page on the tildeverse, a bunch of *nix computers that let people sign up for shell accounts. A typical shell account features clients for IRC and email, common terminal/commandline utilities, and (most importantly) web hosting. Read about the tildeverse’s origins, learn more, pick a tilde and get started.

Under construction

This page is all I’ve got for now; I plan to set up a static-site-generator to build this site properly, with a blog and RSS feed. Generating versions for Gemini and Gopher is a must because the web is increasingly terrible.

I’ll also eventually mirror my tildeverse pages to my own domain ( Tildeverse pages will serve as a “rough draft”.

Location (Rohan, meatspace)

Currently living at home in Cupertino, CA

Would normally be in Portland, OR during the school year, but COVID-19 happened.

Location (Seirdy, online)

My handle is “Seirdy” on all the platforms I use:

My preferred forge for personal projects is Sourcehut, but my repositories have remotes for GitHub and GitLab too.

Interests, preferences, et cetera

I ought to come up with more interests than these, but that sounds hard.

Free software

The word “free” in “free software” refers to freedom, not price. I recommend looking it up if you aren’t familiar.

I lean towards simplicity; I usually prefer CLIs that follow the UNIX philosophy over TUIs, and TUIs over GUIs. If a piece of software is complex enough to require a funding round, I would rather avoid it. There are exceptions, of course: I use a Linux distro with Systemd (Fedora), after all.

Some software I use: Fedora, Alpine Linux, SwayWM, Pandoc, mpv, mpd, Minetest, Neovim, tmux, newsboat, WeeChat, and zsh.

More information is available in my dotfiles repo; check its README.


I watch anime. Some of my favorites, in no particular order:


I’ve put together a periodically-updated list of tracks that I’ve rated 8/10 or higher in my mpd stickers database, auto-generated by a collection of shell scripts. I’m a fan of glitch, trailer music, and symphonic and power metal; I’ve also recently been getting into Japanese rock thanks to a few anime openings. Some of my favorite artists are The Glitch Mob, Pretty Lights, Beats Antique, Hammerfall, Badflower, Celldweller/Scandroid, Helloween, Two Steps from Hell, Nightwish, Mili, and MYTH & ROID.