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welcome! i'm a physicist who works with computers since I was 16 years old,
i like  stuff, writing , listening to  and play
  - or simply learn new things when feeling bored (really).

MATRIX @lfdev:envs.net
MAIL lfdev@envs.net

PGP [key] • 26A1 5E4E 3FF3 AA81 B165 77CA 96CA B92C 2A15 D9C7
SSH [id_ed25519.pub]

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dotfiles - My dotfiles, managed with yadm (work in progress)
gnome-shell-extension-system76-power - System76 Power Management Extension (Pull mirror)
html2mdfm - Convert Zoho Notebook HTML export to (Markdown + Front Matter) that can be imported into Joplin (Pull mirror)
joplin-desktop-linux-package - Joplin Desktop pre-built packages for Debian/Ubuntu and ArchLinux (Pull mirror)
yacht - Supercharged and customizable tmux configuration that aims to appeal to power users while still being beginner friendly (Pull mirror)
yadm-install - yadm (Yet Another Dotfiles Manager) mirror, with a handy install script


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 catfight :P
 Watch it girl, I like that.
 figures :D