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matrix chat

our self-hosted matrix instance with web-client.


an open network for secure, decentralized communication.

> create your matrix account on envs. <

# identifiers/entities


there's a convenient site, matrix.to, which will
allow you to create urls linking to specific entities. when you visit these pages, you'll see links
to communicate with those entities. If you enter #envs:envs.net on matrix.to, you'll
get the URL https://matrix.to/#/#envs:envs.net.

# matrix/element help & documentation

check out our matrix/element help page.

# matrix client software

check out the official element client!
an extended client overview can be found at: https://matrix.org/clients/

# features

# irc-bridge to irc.tilde.chat

our envs.net matrix instance provides an federated irc bridge to irc.tilde.chat.

bridge info:

network name: irc.tilde.chat
room alias format: #irc.tilde.chat_CHANNELNAME:envs.net
appservice user: @IRCBot:envs.net
NickServ: @irc.tilde.chat_NickServ:envs.net
ChanServ: @irc.tilde.chat_ChanServ:envs.net
room for support: #envs:envs.net
operator: envs.net (~creme)


# links