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terms of service

the following offences will result in a service ban.
here are some things that we don't allow:
  • anything illegal or harmful
  • promoting racial, ethnic, religious, political & other forms of bigotry
  • deliberately defacing the accounts of other users
  • deliberately trying to disrupt envs.net's server
  • using envs.net for disrupting other servers
  • using envs.net to impersonate other websites and businesses for criminal purposes
  • distributing pornography of any genre and medium (especially child pornography)
  • distributing content that defames any individual
  • outgoing net- and portscanning is prohibited on envs.net
  • hosting your backups
  • mining cryptocurrencies

resource usage

please make sure to not run anything that would disrupt other users.
there are a few limits set on your accounts:
  • 200 process/threads at a time
  • soft 1024mb/hard 1536mb limit on storage
  • 250mb limit on mailbox storage