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irc chat

envs.net does not have its own irc server but we are a member of the tildeverse irc group. our channel #envs on tildeverse irc
the tilde.chat irc network is available at irc.tilde.chat:6697 (with ssl) as a round robin of available nodes. tilde.chat is meant to be a space for all tilde members to hang out, share, teach, and learn. Hang out in #meta the tilde general channel =) channel list and server stats

rules / guidelines

please see the etiquette guide

# here are some options to connect

  • weechat when logged in with ssh
  • irssi needs to configure
  • znc - log in with your mail password and configure as needed
  • run webirc to register your thelounge account for our webchat note that thelounge
    does not authenticate with your shell/mail password
  • any other client that you like: connect to our node at irc.tilde.chat:6697 with ssl

# weechat relays

weechat introduced unix socket relays in version 2.5 which is a much easier way to offer per-user relay access. username.envs.net/weechat is configured to proxy to the default unix relay socket location (~/.weechat/relay_socket). to get started using it, follow these steps:
  1. in weechat:
    • /relay add unix.weechat %h/relay_socket
    • /set relay.network.password mysupersecretpassword
  2. at your shell:
    • chmod o+rw ~/.weechat/relay_socket - this allows nginx to connect to your socket on your behalf
  3. in your relay client:
    • weechat-android:
      • connection type: websocket (ssl)
      • websocket path: weechat
      • relay host: username.envs.net
      • relay port: 443
      • your relay supersecretpassword

# znc

the system znc authenticates using your email credantials (user@envs.net | your email pw). reach out to an admin on irc or send an email to sudoers@envs.net. the znc interface is available at znc.envs.net. client connections are on port 6667 and 6697 (both with ssl). you can add network connections (up to 10) via webadmin or via a direct client connection.
for more info, see the tilde.chat wiki for info on bots and other specifics.