translation programs

i'm trying to translate software! i hope my work will be useful for someone!

i'm currently using poedit, but i don't know which program is the best for me


the ui is mostly nice. the menu on top lists all keyboard shortcuts. there are 10 bookmark slots.

there is translation memory. when a row is selected, the sidebar shows similar translations from the file which can be pasted to the translation field with ctrl+[number] to be edited.

the headerbar ignores your system settings and displays icon, title, minimize, maximize, close. like windows. this is probably a bug. i like how the small square icon looks though.

Text Editor

.po files are text files with a special syntax, so they are editable even with a text editor!

but it's not as easy to move between strings as in specialized editors. what is just a ctrl+enter in poedit is manually moving between lines in text.

and there's always a possibility to mess up the syntax!

GNOME Gtranslator

after opening a file, 'Gtranslator is not responding'.

it's being ported to gtk4 as a part of this year's google summer of code. i hope it gets better.

Qt Linguist

600 mb of library dependencies? omg

qt has its own .ts (xml) translation format. i don't know if the program supports .po files

i probably won't use it


i haven't downloaded it yet.

it seems nice, there's a glossary window even

i fear it won't work well under gnome though