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I suppose I should put a bit about myself here, huh? Umm...
Hi! I'm tidest, as you could probably tell from the page, but many know me simply as Mike.
A few of the big things I like are computers, books, anime and video games. I'm open to giving most anything a shot, if you've got suggestions.
I think overall I'm going to be more likely to write in gemini than the web side of things while I'm here on envs, though web projects and relevent infos will get put here probably along side more media rich projects (like blender renders).
You can find my ~gem along with some contact info just below here (the web pages too!)
btw you can generate sweet wordart like above with figlet(6)

gemini: gemini://envs.net/~tidest
matrix: @tidest:halogen.city
mail: tidest@envs.net
sqlite info
spam prevention
i did an art :D
music that i made