Isaac Clayton (@slightknack)

I wrote this before you read this without ever knowing you would. How's that for trust?

Isaac Clayton's Website

Hello, How are you doing? I'm Isaac Clayton, an aspiring Software Architect interested in Reinforcement Learning, Programming Language Design, and Graphics Programming.

Past Work and Projects

I have a few projects I've been working on up on my GitHub.

If you'd like to discuss working on a project together, please reach out to me. I'm open to working on any open-source projects that align with my interests and explore something new.

Say Hello 👋

You can find me just about anywhere online under the username slightknack, largely because the namespace of memorable usernames across major platforms has become quite small.

I'd love to chat with you about any topic du-jour. I'm not hard to reach, so why not say hello 📨?

I'll see you around!

Thanks for reading this far, Have a nice day!