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Oculus Quest 2, cheap headset or awesome entry level headset?

October 29, 2021 — ~samm

Hey all, Welcome to my first blog in a while. Now I bought a VR headset, it’s the Oculus Quest 2. Even though it’s an older device it’s still really impressive! I wanted to buy a VR headset for a long time now but I finally got one! I could’ve bought an HTC Five, Index, etc but it’s too expensive and it does the same that I want the Quest 2 to do. Back to the subject. I have the Quest 2 for about half a month right now and I absolutely love it! The fact that I can take it to someone's house, play some games and take it back all without wires for just 350,--€ now I know this is a lot but in comparison for 1 079,--€ and roughly the same for a HTC Five kit, it’s almost nothing! Well… not nothing but you get my point.


With all these positives it sounds too good to be true. As I never used any other VR headsets I cannot tell how good the performance is compared to other headsets. In stand-alone games it looks like you are playing the game on, what, like medium settings. Depends on the game but it is really awesome as I still get about 60FPS or 120FPS.


Well now you heard the performance software-wise let's move to the hardware! Now as you might now, lenses are an important part of VR. The lenses of the Quest 2 are, well... decent. As I wear glasses the FoV is shit and without my glasses on I can't see anything clearly in VR. Even though there are prescription lenses for VR its just too expensive for me at this moment. So I can't really say anything about the sharpness of the display. Now the screens are really great! With a single-panel, fast-switching, RGB-stripe LCD with a resolution of 1832x1920 pixels per eye. That totals a nearly 4K resolution when combined. There's programs you can install to use your Quest 2 as a monitor with little to no delay! (Yes, it works on Linux…) The build quality is decent, no issues with that so far.

In short

Great displays, awesome software that works perfectly with Steam VR and other Steam games. I played Half-life: Alyx, Boneworks, beatsaber, Onward and Hard Bullet. I really enjoyed Alyx and Onward the most. So if you're planning on buying your first VR headset I'd recommend the Oculus Quest 2! Bear in mind that it is made by Facebook and that privacy is questionable.


My PC specs are GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER NvIdia driver version 457.51 Intel® Core i7-10700 @ 2.40 GHz 16Gb RAM in dual channel

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UPDATE:I'm back, welcome back!

October 07, 2021 — ~samm

Hello everyone! As you know it's been a while but I'm back! From now on I will be posting every week atleast once. G`day!

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Endeavour OS - A simple, yet convenient Linux distro.

April 08, 2021 — ~samm

Hey guys, welcome to this blog. A quick FYI... FYI:i wanted to make this blog a video but my SD card commited sad. So yeah.

The installer is a standard installer that ships with most Linux distros so we won't go into that.

We are going to take a look into the eos-welcome screen! It surely is one of the most unique Linux after-install-welcomers I've ever seen!


See for yourself, except Linux distros like Ubuntu where you can add your Google account and that's it, you can really customize Endeavour to however you want and Endeavour encourages it!

Now the for the bloat... It comes with absolutely no bloat. Well, the default Desktop Enviroment (DE) bloat, but that's it. Now, hear me out. EOS is bassicly Arch with a skin.

Like it or not, it's what people want. For people like me, installing and maintaining Arch is a pain in the ass and Endeavour eliminates it.


The support of EOS is so good! I can send a Tweet to EOS at almost any time and I get a reply! That is truly amazing, right?

They have a Telegram chat and I never really went there, but judging how good their support is on Twitter, I could say it's good automaticly.

EOS also has a pretty big forum where you can go with any questions, wether you're a Linux noob or expert, they welcome you!


Well, like I said, EOS is basiclly Arch with a skin wich means the performance is great! I can run heavy games, under Proton and a Virtual machine, if you will, with excellent performance.

(no benchmarking tests as I am not really good with them)

ARM support

For those of you who don't know what ARM is, it is a mobile CPU architecture. This means that you could run Endeavour OS on i.e the new Apple Macbook's with the M1 chip wich in my opinion is a huge step forward.

Plus, you can run EOS on mobile devices and on a Rasberry Pie, like the new Rasberry 400 with an quad-core Cortex-A72 CPU. Pro's and con's

So far, in the few months I've been using EOS, I haven't seen any bugs, glitches or else.

Here are the pro's

  • It is open-source
  • Feels snappy
  • Excellent performance
  • Speeds up shitty hardware, like my laptop.
  • Runs almost anything I throw at it
  • The documentation and community make the experience 20x better

    That's really it... I haven't found any cons to EOS so far and I enjoy using it!

    Thanks for reading this blog and make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed!

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