I'm PurpleBored aka Niko, a GNU/Linux enthusiast from Poland. You can find me at Codeberg and GitHub.
I like to tinker with computers and software, and I'm always learning new things. When I'm not on my computer, you might find me comiting warcrimes russia or playing chess Depends on how i feel ;)
Here are some of my projects:


cat.purplebored.pl, a project made using thecatapi where it gets random images of cats. pass.purplebored.pl, a simple password generator. neko.purplebored.pl,A project i made using the neko life api it's just like the cat.purplebored.pl one just a lot nicer looking.

My Plans for the future

My plan is very simple i plan to buy myself a nice server and host instances of everything i can like matrix bitwarden and piped! As for now i am still learning about server hardwere and linux and foss software in general.

System Specs

Ask me a question online!/span>