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Name Description Language
mirageCSS Make web 2.0 websites without JavaScript!! Sass
bashblog A single Bash script to create blogs (fork) Bash
bumpmap-tool A tool to preprocess bumpmaps (for GameCube/Wii) (fork) OCaml
librebin A better portfolio page than those of LinkedIn in pure (X)HTML and CSS HTML, CSS
luakit A fast and extensible web browser (fork) C, Lua
mblaze Unix utilities to deal with Maildir (fork) C, Shell
setnet Somewhat simple shell script to configure and manage network interfaces via a TUI (fork) Shell
ssg Static site generator in shell (fork) Shell
sysget A package manager to rule them all! (fork) C++
xombrero A minimalist web browser (fork) C
aki Spin off of ayu using Saltpack Shell
ayu An actually boring password manager Shell
bitbot-extra Bunch of trash for bitbot Python 3
cgi Mainly WWW-targeted things Perl, Shell
cinny-desktop-webkit Desktop wrapper in Golang for Cinny Go
gopb Reimplementation of minpb in Go (WIP) Go
mailutils-sh Tiny e-mail utlities written in posix shell Shell
mk2 mkws-inspired static site generator Shell
pastor-cli Command-line client for pastor Shell
posix-sh-tools Collection of POSIX sh scripts Shell
rc-tools Counterpart of posix-sh-tools in Plan 9 rc shell rc shell
stagit-indexer Makefile wrapper for stagit Make
sw Start a Wayland compositor (deprecated) Shell
wl-screenshot Yet another helper for taking screenshots under Wayland compositors Shell
yutaka Template for creating desktop web applications without the need of Electron/node.js C++
svc Service manager for *nix systems (WIP) Go
antifetch Silly reimplementation of nofetch(1) from posix-sh-tools Go
azuki Alternative command-line client for Yarn.social (WIP) Go
mports Makefile-based ports infrastructure tailored to my needs. Make
home-v2 My home directory Emacs Lisp, Lua, Shell