Interconnected Boundaries is the personal space of Izuru Yakumo, also known as Champagne Supernova.
It’s been online (or rather, on-and-off) for almost three years, only a tad of time after his blog.
Also mirrored at, where it last resided.

Izuru Yakumo (八雲 出流 Yakumo Izuru) is a hermit, originally coming from the Outside World, who proclaims to be Yukari’s servant.

Existing for over 20 years, he constantly despises the human race from afar1, but sometimes shows an optimistic side.
Prefers sleeping for the entire day instead of taking action directly. He only barely does what he’s told to do, most of the time.

His Stand is DEAD OR LIE: The World (デッド・オア・ライ: ザ・ワールド(世界) Deddo oa rai: Za wārudo (sekai)), which is a Close-Range/Power-Type, with effective range of five meters. It can halt the flow of time and allow its User to make use of any Spell Card from Touhou Project, while also being able to copy other Stand abilities.

  1. It is some grade of misanthropy, sometimes worse.