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Nova [ミラーワールド]


This was the first one I've tested a few years ago, on a VirtualBox VM, but by then I barely did know about the command line interface. So far it has many cool concepts like the Ports Framework, [/] on ZFS, built-in virtualization capability, jails, and possibly other things I haven't discovered yet. From the userspace side of things it doesn't suffer as much as Linux, which is actually true on any other BSD as well. I'm using it since late November because the former Alpine Linux installation just died out of nowhere.


Haven't tested it fully yet, I only barely know about pkgsrc, their ports management system, which can also install binary packages, though not by default, via pkg_* commands. I might give it another try today on (yet) another hard drive of mine. Trying to configure networking on this one outputs with [rtwn0: device timeout] so I can't really do anything with it, how sad. Unlike OpenBSD it *does* have the firmware included, maybe it's using the wrong files? I guess.


I have it on my secondary computer's 2nd HDD, as of a few days ago, I had a firmware issue with it, that I managed to sort out through fw_update(8) and my USB drive. pkg_* tools are kind of.... weird tbh, and while the network configuration through ifconfig(8) isn't at all that difficult, the adapter doesn't quite like the OS, and at most I get ~80% packet loss, which is kind of, meh. Also the device node notation it uses is way different that the one of FreeBSD, which I was already used to, lol. (e.g. I spent like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to mount an specific partition of my USB drive)