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hi and welcome to my new website here.
It is a work in progress 🚧 (perpetually? ;)
Take a look at some of my recent projects while we are at it.

p.s: If you are looking for official works or contact info, scroll to the end.

Projects (~toys)

1. Python based encryption tool, running securely in your browser!

Try it here: Privatebin web-ui (ft, Brython)

An experiment in using Brython (Browser Python) to create an encrypted pastebin client.
We use Python to aid client side audit ability, considering it's easier readability to humans.

Once loaded, the app runs completely in your browser using the WebCrypto APIs for encryption/decryption.
Fetch API is used to upload or download encrypted pastes to/from user selected Privatebin server.

2. Greenwall ~ Paint on your contribution graph

Source: Example: Github Profile page

Github commit graph is cute, but it's very hackable. Here we demonstrate how easy it is by painting our 'contribution' wall with a message.

The program makes commits on a repo of your choice that will show up in Github's contribution graph. These commits are made in such a way that days which they light up, together inscribe letters on your graph. Provided you have associated the repo's e-mail with one recognized by Github, you will see the message on your wall.

3. SocksE Proxy - SOCKS5 implementation, designed to be extendible


A simple SOCKS5 proxy written in Python. Designed to be extendible. It does the bare minimum of setting up the connection as described in RFC 1982, letting you add additional functionality on top as callbacks. Even the proxying function is implemented as a callback!

A sample plugin `hell-o-pass` is also demonstrated. This plugin enables bypassing of carrier-grade firewall blocks, which reset TLS connections based on SNI (Server Name Indicator) snooping, a form of Deep Packet Inspection.

TBD: Rewrite it in Rust (RIIR:). And use Onetun (based on Boringtun) for tunneling proxy.


Works (~Enterprise)

Building a mediator service in Rust @ Hyperledger & Linux Foundation

Blog: aries-vcx diaries

I was part of the Linux Foundation's 2023 mentorship program. The Hyperledger Aries aries-vcx team, consisting of FOSS loving crew of Rust programmers were mentoring me.

The goal was to create a Rust based mediator service, for conveying Verified Credentials among Aries peers (agents).

The work is released in full under the permissive Apache License.

Update: I have been promoted to the maintainers team! Starting with maintaining and developing the mediator code. Being a volunteer maintainer is new experience for me, and these are some big shoes to fill. I'll be learning as I go :)



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