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hi and welcome to my new website here. Still a WIP. Take a look at some of my projects while we are at it.

Projects (toys;)

1. GSOC orgs alternate view (UI based on flutter)

So I made a UI for browsing GSOC orgs because I found the google site a bit.. wanting. It's not all that, but my implementation gives a summary of most important aspects of the orgs (in respect to applying) at a glance. Basically relevant info like programming languages, working domain, org summary and description is at the forefront. Along with quick links. One doesn't need to go to each org page seperately. Find it here: gsoc-orgs-flet-ui p.s: I'll make a post describing the dev process (perhaps) when I find the time. The source will be up in a few days. --- Reach me here if you have something to say! IRC: nain on Mail: