The Corner


I am Gab and I'm a university student studying computer engineering technologies. I like learning how computers work and designed. I also like anime and drawing (mostly pixel art).

Below is my geek code. Don't know what a geek code is? Figure it out yourself. You can decode mine here.

GCS/IT/M d? s:- a--- C++(+++) UL P L+++ E--- W+++ N? o? K? w++
!O M-- V? PS PE-- Y+ PGP+++ t 5? X R* !tv b+ DI? DG e h! !r y-

About the site

Like any other personal website, this will serve as an introduction of myself. I do not plan on putting my works in here (I have a separate website for them, but you have to ask me for the link). You can see some of my thoughts here and some of the code I tried to experiment with here.