Mark Cornick

Chaotic good. Professional cloud plumber and Kubernetes pilot. Unprofessional father/widower/DJ/soccer supporter. “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” He/him.

Radio Shows

Luv’n Time International (the “International” is what makes it classy) is my current weekly streaming radio show. It is a mix of funk, soul, jazz, beats and breaks, intended to be an hour of fun. It airs at 0000 UTC on Fridays (7:00 PM EST on Thursdays in North America) on aNONradio.

Giant Steps was my previous show. Until mid-October 2022, the show featured jazz, with a particular focus on bop, post-bop, and the good parts of modern and fusion.

Archives of both shows are available from aNONradio. (Giant Steps is listed under Luv’n Time International.) Enjoy!


I dabble in Go. My current projects are linenoise, a library for generating reasonably secure passwords, and linenoise-cli, a command-line tool for the linenoise library.


You can also find me on GitHub, Mastodon, Pixelfed, and Peertube.

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