lucidiot's cybrecluster


mountain is an Acer Aspire 7220 running Alpine Linux at my home, and was hosting my French blog. It was also part of my group of Syncthing devices, to make sure there is always one device ready to receive another’s changes, for near-instant online backups.

It is named after one of the sectors in Code Lyoko; my previous server was named Carthage after the Fifth Sector. I plan on naming my next devices after the other sectors; Desert, Forest and Ice.

I was considering hosting some other small services such as Gopher, Gemini, or Finger. I however want everything to only be purely static; if it does not fit in a Git repo, it does not get into my server. Syncthing is the only exception.

A WebDAV server was also hosted there, although it is only exposed to my LAN; I used it purely to make transfers between my IBM ThinkPads running old Windows versions and my Linux systems easier.

I tried to write some setup docs when I first set it up, but of course I did not write everything down, that would be too easy.

mountain is now slowly being migrated over to forest.

Base setup


Manual setup

Automated setup


TODO: Keep the screen resolution set permanently






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