hello there

# whoami

Im li0ard (pronounced Lizard) aka Nikolai Konovalov. Im developer from Russia and cipherpunk Im mostly using Python and JS (TS), have a bit of knowledge in Go and PHP. Im also an "enthusiast" of some anonymous network (like I2P, Yggdrasil. No Tor, please)

# some info

dob: [REDACTED] langs: * Russian - native * English - B2 * Ukrainian - B1 fav color - #1ed760 (yes, its spotify color) fav music - Post-punk, hardcore, phonk...

# contacts (in order of preference)

Session: li0ard (ONS) XMPP: li0ard@404.city (+ OMEMO) Mail: li0ard@li0ard.rest (PGP/WKD) (C) 2024, li0ard and FBI, NSA, CIA, DEA, ATF and many others xd This page is also available in Gopher (via http) and Gemini (via http)