Hello there

This is my presence on tildeverse, I thanks envs.net for allowing me to use this great server.

And now, a little bit of introduction. My name is Ihsan Ariswanto from Indonesia, I'm not a native English speaker and I'm not yet reach the fluency level of English, so please pardon me for my broken English. I'm just a casual GNU/Linux user, not a sysadmin or a programmer. Usually, I use Slackware, but since my old laptop is broken, I use a cheap Chromebook with developer mode enabled and crouton installed with Ubuntu 18.04 inside now.

While I had been using GNU/Linux for almost 11 years and I'm not afraid of cli interface, I have almost zore knowledge of programming. I do make some bash script, but the code is mostly copy-pasted from web-search results. Even the css of this page is stolen from TBMFW.

If you by any chance want to contact me, just drop your email to ihsan at this server domain name or ihsan at my last name dot web dot id. If you are into social media, we can follow each other on fediverse network.

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