Hi. I'm hyperreal. Welcome to my site on envs.net. Some of my favorite things are open source software, diversity, free culture, DevOps, automation, information freedom, programming, philosophy, video games, and coffee. I dislike monocultures and non-consensual power structures. I found the tildeverse by stumbling upon the tilde.chat IRC network while viewing someone's weechat configuration, and so I decided to check it out. It's refreshing to be part of a free culture geek community that promotes a "Be excellent to each other" ethos and disdains toxicity.
OS Fedora Workstation, Fedora Silverblue
Text editor NeoVim, VSCode
Web browser Brave, Firefox
IRC client weechat, TheLounge
Coffee Very dark roast, black
Pronouns Masculine or neutral
Website https://serio.netlify.app
Notes Techne: A personal reference base
IRC hyperreal on Freenode and tilde.chat
Mail hyperreal(AT)envs(DOT)net
|-- hyperreal64(AT)pm(DOT)me
GPG BDB9 E728 4107 317D AE0D A261 9129 BD07 C350 9CED
Keybase keybase.io/hyperreal2
Github https://github.com/hyperreal64
Gitea https://git.envs.net/hyperreal
Twitter @hyperreal64