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Stuff nobody cares about ;/

IRC: helby at libera.chat

Email: helby@envs.net

My ThinkPad T420 runs Alpine Linux.

I use river/wayland without xwayland, as terminal I use foot, text/code editor kakoune, file manager nnn. Instead of sudo I use OpenBSD's doas and dropbear instead of OpenSSH for ssh connection to my envs.net shell account. The only GUI app I use is firefox. I use very simple shell busybox ash.

I run Alpine Linux edge, so kind of rolling release, that means all my packages are the latest one available. Recently I don't use any IRC or email client on my laptop. I discovered that more simple for me is if I run them in my shell account and connect there using ssh from my terminal. I use mutt for my emails and glirc for IRC (in my shell account). So I simplified my laptop setup and removed some packages from there. That's practically all the software I run.

I don't run any GNU software as I consider their software to be bloated and bad quality. So yes, I don't run GNU Linux, I run Alpine linux - linux kernel with BusyBox and many packages outside of GNU Project.

Actually playing wit OpenBSD on my laptop

I used OpenBSD before I jump into Alpine Linux, so I m relatively familiar with the system

What got me again to OpenBSD is mostly missing good and recent documentation for Alpine Linux.

It is hard and mostly time consuming to set up whatever on Alpine without a proper documentation.

This page is constantly updated to reflect recent changes. The last update date is on the bottom.

I am a simple human being with a minimal lifestyle. I like simple small things in life.

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