Disco Infernum

Broken wrist, expect delays to twtr development

Testing the new posting functionality in `twtr`...

If you can read this, there might be a v0.2.1 release today :D


Russia just invaded Ukraine....

The covid booster was a pain but I'm back up to a fully operational battlestation!

Oh damn sprunge.us has syntax highlighting!!! http://sprunge.us/qi3eGf?html

twtr@v0.1.0 has been released! https://git.envs.net/duriny/twtr/releases/tag/v0.1.0, feedback welcome :D

Hello World! This is the first tweet written using the pre/post hook functionality of twtr! I hope it works! :D

I haven't slept in two days :/

I was thinking about how to best create a news twtwt.txt for twtr, and I've developed a way to format git commit logs as a twtxt file: `git log --format="%aI%x09%ae: %s"`

I just found a neat vim plugin that highlights twtxt files, https://github.com/JervisTetch/twtxt.vim

I might leave input validation for later, maybe I'll add an --html option to twtr to make it easier :)

I've updated my twtxt-to-html renderer, it now works with arbitrary feeds :D, see https://envs.net/~duriny/cgi-bin/twtxt.sh?file=https://envs.net/~duriny/twtxt.txt, you can replace the 'file=' parameter with your own twtxt.txt

While not even remotely close to a v1 release, twtr is starting to take shape, I might tag v0.0.1 soon :D

It's a good day for a haircut

I sometimes wonder if the JWST will see the wreckage of an Inter Galactic empire in the distant past of our universe

I just discovered that you can write Go documentation to look and feel like a manpage

The go import path for "duriny.envs.sh/twtr" is now up and running! :)

I'm reorganizing https://duriny.envs.sh/go/twtxt at https://duriny.envs.sh/twtr

I'm starting a new project, checkout https://duriny.envs.sh/go/twtxt

It's a shame that the twtxt client is broken as of python 3.9, :/

New home page is up now: https://envs.net/~duriny

Hello World!