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A programming language is low level when its programs require attention
to the irrelevant.

Twtxt: envs.net/~duriny/twtxt.txt

(#mpmcw5a) I might leave input validation for later, maybe I'll add an --html option to twtr to make it easier :)

(#jofhjiq) As it happens I just added thread support to my script, its up on my home page now ;)

(#nsrudea) to be honest I didn't think anybody would ever find my twtxt feed so the fact that it is getting picked up on twtxt.net automatically is kind of amazing lol

(#5fnigfq) I also have script that renders my twts to my home page, I can post it if anybody is interested :)

(#xejmanq) It would be really cool to get some publicity for twtr, thanks! I'll have to make that v0.0.1 release soon lol

While not even remotely close to a v1 release, twtr is starting to take shape, I might tag v0.0.1 soon :D

It's a good day for a haircut

I sometimes wonder if the JWST will see the wreckage of an Inter Galactic empire in the distant past of our universe

I just discovered that you can write Go documentation to look and feel like a manpage

The go import path for "duriny.envs.sh/twtr" is now up and running! :)

It's a shame that the twtxt client is broken as of python 3.9, :/

Hello World!