# user mail

we used modoboa - made multidomain email hosting simple

webmail: https://mail.envs.net
username: username@envs.net
smtp server-address: mail.envs.net
smtp server-address: 587
smtp connection-security: STARTTLS
imap server-address: mail.envs.net
imap server-port: 993
imap connection-security: SSL/TLS
pop server-address: mail.envs.net
pop server-port: 995
pop connection-security: SSL/TLS

you can find more mail settings directly in you're webmail.
(an secondary e-mail address, can be used for recovery needs)

we also have managesieve support. managesieve is available on the default port (4190)

if you want to use an external managesieve client (like the thunderbird add-on).
you can also set up your filter in the webmailer.