# user blog

you're blog is available under https://envs.net/~username/blog and https://username.envs.net/blog.
and you can also use any other blogging software. ;)

with ttbp

available system-wide as feels and ttbp

just log in to you're envs.net account and enter: feels

ttbp will ask you a few questions to get you started. after that, writing and reading entries all happen within the program.

that's it!
please see for more informations on the envs.net ttbp page.

with twtxt

available system-wide as twtxt

to set up your twtxt it takes the following steps

  1. twtxt quickstart - this wizard will generate a basic configuration file for twtxt
    in ~/.config/twtxt/config. for more config option see: twtxt - configuration.
    note your public twtxt location is ~/public_html/twtxt.txt
  2. now you can use twtxt tweet "Hello, this is twtxt!" to post a status and
    twtxt timeline to view your timeline.

for more feature see twtxt --help and twtxt - usage.

with bashblog

available system-wide as bb



to change the name and url and other settings for you're blog edit
the config file in ~/public_html/blog/ see for an example here.